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What is CPI? Most would rapidly reply "Consumer Price Index." Good answer, but in real estate sales, or any sales, the best answer would be "continual process improvement," No matter where you are in your career process, there is always room for improvement. Do you strive to improve daily? If not...
Waiting to start a project? Worried it will not go well? Concerned about your preparation? Think it through, develop a plan and proceed forward. Think about the rewards you will reap with a successful journey. Better to face disappointment then to live with the doom of not trying. Today's affirma...
Do you have a biggest challenge? Do you feel guilty when you fail to meet that challenge? Must admit to yes, yes answers to the previous questions! While I constantly work on correcting this, I easily fall prey to falling short. Do I feel guilty when it happens? Again the answer is yes! Enough wi...
Do you obtain a certain goal and then work to maintain it? Do you get there and then try to gain upon it? Are you consistent in your efforts or do you sometimes get off track? It is not often easy to consistently improve! Sometimes minor setbacks can be a positive to get us back on track and more...
Twenty five days and counting down! On Tuesday August 20th at 4pm the Lee County meet-up will commence at the Verandah Riverhouse on the shores of the Orange River in Ft. Myers. We are looking for a large turn out and opportunity to personally meet our fellow Active Rain members. Bring your busin...
Today is Friday! Since my normal days off are Wednesday and Thursday I treat it as the first day of the work week. Most treat it as the final day of the work week and look forward to the weekend. We all travel to the beat of a different drummer! First day of your week or last, Friday is a great d...
Sometimes it pays to remind yourself! Some time ago I finally became determined to lose some weight. The journey began and I was somewhat successful. After a substantial weight loss I even maintained it for quite some time. Lately, I've gained a few pounds and so today I have picked the following...
Do you ask good questions? When asked, do you give good answers? Did you answer quickly or have to reflect to answer these questions? Do you learn when you ask questions? Do you learn anything when you provide an answer? Enough! Ponder this: "There is more learning in the question itself then the...
Do you have an objective as you face the day? Do you pursue it? Or, does the thought dwindle away as you finish your morning coffee before you face the day's challenges? For me, it is sometimes yes and sometimes no! I constantly have to remind myself of the following affirmation: "My objective is...
The meet-up in Ft. Myers will be at the Verandah Riverhouse. We want a great turn out so we are going to turn up the heat. All participants should bring business cards and drop oneĀ in in the bowl. At the conclusion of the meet-up we will draw a lucky winner for a free round of golf for two. Since...

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