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I was looking at some photo's from last years fishing trip.  This one reminded me a bit like tonight. NO, we don't have the full moon, but it has been a quiet night in my neighborhood. In a week or so I hope to hit the water for an evening of fishing, but business is hoping and right now that has...
It is official...Interest rates are up 1/2% in the past week. Good homes in excellent shape are few and far between and now interest rates are up. Home values are up also. Looking to buy???  Now is the time!!!!  WE have no idea of what rates will do and values will continue going up. Time to make...
It is long long overdue, but I am building a new site with a new host. What I have seen so far is great.  All the features I had before all enhanced and more. The biggest challenge will be for this NON-Techy to grasp all of what is about to change. Within a week, I should be up and running as we ...
I had a cute farm home on the market.  Picture purrrrrfect! I took my photo's and the showings started.  I thought that it should not tqake long. But...it did.   Comment from the agents showing were all positive.  "Very Clean!"  "Looks Sterile!"    (What?) I was in contact with my sellers and we ...
I have always said I had a fear of this happening in a wide scale. Well, it has happened on a small scale.   I broke my new Smart phone. (Not very smart)  This happened early Sunday and I was out of town. I stopped in and got a replacement and will have it in 2 days.  2 DAYS!!!! I am lost for now...
It didn't take long for me to get used to... This... or This... Or even this.  The snow didn't want to stop this spring.  Then it warmed up and rained to the point I was going to build an Ark.  But it dried up for a week and people started talking about how dry it was getting so, God rained down ...
Here is a tip for all of you who have the blood sucking bugs. Cutter Backyard bug control. I have a client that used it and I was back 2 days later and not a single mosquito. This stuff should last a few weeks.  It hooks onto your garden hose and you water your grass. I am going to the store to g...
I predicted that the Twins would play 500 ball this year. No, that won't win the title but it does make it more fun when you got out to the ball park and you have at least a 50% chance of the home team winning. We have not had those odds during the past 2 years. During the 4th of July, the dastar...
This is not a slam on inspectors. It is just an observation from a couple of weeks on one property. An FHA inspector gave a large set of repairs.  Deal fell through.    Seller fixes all issues. A private inspector comes along finds a couple of issues, but his financing doesn't work. The next insp...
I was doing some work on one of our rentals. The job, which I won't go into involved a couple of log chains. The neighbor whom I have come to know fairly well seen me pulling both 20 foot chains back to my van... Hey Bill...What you doin'> "I'm pulling these two log chains." I can see that, but, ...

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