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I love my fishing. But any times it isn't the fish that ends up being the highlights. I had this family of loons swim right past my boat about 30 feet or so. Not scared, or at least not showing it.  The baby was kept between both parents as they moved along. The beauty of Nature is everywhere!
For some the bigger the better. For others it has no real impact. A friend was thrilled just to have caught something. Fishing isn't always about the fish ore even the size.  Sometime small gets more milage that the trophy does. In any activity, be happy in what you are doing even if you are not ...
Everyone has their idea of what is the best part of a camp fire. Roasting Marshmallows is a big one for many especially the kids. For me, just watching the flame dance around is good enough.  There is something mesmerizing watching a flame dance about. What is your favorite part of a camp fire?
The hoop-la that surrounds many 4th of July doings many times over shadows the real issue. Moose Lake did well to remind us what this day is all about.  Yes, there was a party, but there was also remembrance of those that fought for us so many years ago. We need to see more Pride like this!
Just ahd to write this on the spur of the moment. I am in a small town waiting for the yearly parade. The locals are very friendly and soo the parade will pass us by.  Candy and other gifts will be given out and the kids will be scrambling to get every piece they can. While all the hoop-la is goi...
I always tell my sellers not to talk to anyone about price.  Certainly not what would be willing to come down to. NOT TO ONYONE!!! Well, it happend again.  One of my sellers was taling to the neighbor and spilled the beans. What my client didnt' know was the neighbor was digging for information f...
I am just in one of those moods. One of my neighbors and were talking and laughing and it was just what I needed. Here are a couple things we laughed at... After the plane landed safely at the airport Ole said..."Vell, Dar goes $5 down the drian for dat flight ins. Lars:  Ole, stand in front of m...

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