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After the hot and humid summer we had with all the bugs, I am happy to see fall temps. Most of the bugs are gone, the weather is cool enough to work hard and get a lot done. Alos, cool weather is better for hunting and taking care of my game that I bring home. Call me crazy, but I am happy it is ...
Pheasent opener is very popular. It it great time outdoors with family and friends.   More and More ladies are getting into the hunting scene. But, my message for the opener is to be careful. Orange hat and gloves will help your party members see you and help keep you safe. Bring everyone home sa...
I have a client that decided to get off the fence. Now, that in itself is good.  The bad part is he now realizes that he has missed out on the best. This is true as inventory is low and interest rates have climbed a bit. So, if you are a fence sitter, it is time to re-evaluate your perch and why ...
After a recent visit to my Doctor, he called my wife in. Your husband is suffering from a sever stress disorder.  If you don't do something about it he will die. Well, what do I have to do?  Well, start the day with a nice breakfast.  Call him at lunch time and have a great supper ready at night....
At least not without talking to me first about an appointment, I tell my sellers. I was visiting with a fellow agent.   "My client let someone who was really interested in his home walk through.  Him and his wife went into different rooms.  When they were done, they thanked him and left.  When my...
Maybe one of our great inspectors can answer this one. As we know, Smoke comes from a heat source and rises.  Carbon Monoxide is a gas heavier than air. So, if smoke rises, then the detector should be near the ceiling. Since Carbon Monoxide is heavy and sinks, it should be placed at the floor lev...
Talking with a group of people and the talk turned to helping others. "Why should I help someone that I will never get help back from?" One guy smartly quipped. Most put the guy down as being selfish and self centered. (Which he really is)  Without getting to deep into a personality, it was put t...
I had a client buy some hunting land for Deer Hunting. I have never hunted and want to learn. I found a great parcel in his price range.  I agreed to help him get started hunting. I got him material to read.  A list of things to buy to get started.  Then I walked the land again with him and showe...
WE have a few people that are doing much of the health care for my mother-in-law. Anytime fitness is a very popular workout place in my area. Out of the goodness of our hearts we have offered anytime fitness for free to these great folks.   "Mary, we are giving you a free membership for anytime f...
WE are always told different ways to communicate and to learn. Some years back I heard a quote that I wrote down in a folder.  Going through that folder I found it today. I don't have the name of the person who did come up with it, but it does have a valid use today. The quote...   Courage is wha...

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