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Fall leaves are very pretty.  But, like the ones on this tree will soon be on the ground. That is a fact for where I live. My wife told me of someone we know, not well, but is elderly.  She was unable to do her fall yard work of getting the leaves picked up. My wife and I are most always ready to...
Yup....most likely it was operator error! This tech stuff advances much quicker than I can keep up with. By the time I understood that opening windows did not mean going to the window and lifting up my computer was out of date. Now days, when I buy a new one, it is out of date before I leave the ...
Yes I believe it started way before this time. But it is much more accepted that it was the pilgrims. But, I believe that this special day was planned a long long long time ago. Someone way before our time knew that there was going to be a great needand they planned for it.
The first storm is not far away.   Of course, people will get caught with their pants down...(As they say). It is time to get prepared and in 10 minutes you could actually save your life. Getting stuck in the snow is one thing, but getting stranded is quite another. A few things to keep in your c...
How hard do you work?  I was asked. Now that is a hard question to really answer. What we do in our Profession isn't usually strenuous. Working hard means different things to different people. So my answer to this is simple... I work as hard as I playand I don't like to lose so I play hard!!!
These guys are great. If I need them they are right there. If I need something and they have some, it's mine. My hat was looking rather ugly so they told me I needed a new one. WOW!  What great guys.    I just wish it had ear flaps, but I don't think it matters much!
I find very odd thing out in the woods while walking. Today it was this. I am walking the land of my in-laws.  My Father-in-law must have left it out here at some point. He is gone nowand I know he had not been out to the woods for 7-8 years. I walked past this spot just 15 feet away more time th...
Yup, I was caught. Made feel real stupid. I thought I was covering myself up well, but I was still caught. Next time I will have to be much more careful. I don't know how that deer noticed me, for I was sitting real still and all of a sudden, she got really nervous. She back up and headed the oth...
Fire Arms.  When to let kids learn to handle them. I am of the belief that as soon as a child is capable of understanding the dangers of a fire arm and how to handle one properly, it is time to teach before it's to late. My Grand daughter was asking some questions and telling about a boy in her c...
Up here in the Nort land, we are starting to get our Christmas Decor out. My wife was pounding in stakes.  Ground is not froze yetand it is much easier and faster to get it done now. Some of the hanging garland will go up next week on the first warm day. I know people think we may be pushing the ...

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